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When running a business, it’s easy to overlook the ways commercial cleaning adds value to your business. While it may seem like a huge extra cost on top of other business expenses, choosing to employ professional commercial cleaners can be beneficial to your business in several ways. Keeping your space clean can have a positive impact on your employee’s health, increase their productivity, reduce business costs, increase customer satisfaction and ensure the longevity of assets.

Below is a detailed overview of the six ways commercial cleaning can add value to your business.

Fewer Sick Days

Staff absences and Presenteeism are both issues in the workplace that have a significant effect on the day-to-day running of a business. Presenteeism refers to when employees are unproductive because they have come to work sick. Both are an issue because when employees are absent from work, it costs your business money and impacts the productivity of other staff members.

When employees come to work sick and are unproductive, they run the risk of contaminating other employees and the workstations. Their lack of productivity also means other staff members will have to pick up the slack, further impacting the workflow. 

Studies have shown that 5% of the Australian workforce call in sick each day and if employees do come to work sick, they lose 6.5 productive working days per year. 

The same studies show that having a professionally cleaned workplace leads to a 46% reduction in staff absences due to keeping areas contamination free.

The benefits of office cleaning for Melbourne businesses are considerable. Clean and sanitised work environments help to reduce the spread of illness among your employees.

Employees are More Productive

The one wish we all have at work is to be more productive, and a clean workspace might just be the answer. A workspace that is well maintained and clean can have a positive effect on staff morale, which in turn creates a productive environment through increased focus, decreased stress and less wasted time. When staff are more productive, it is hard to deny the vast impact and value of commercial cleaning in Melbourne businesses.

It’s Cost-Effective

Despite what you might think, hiring Melbourne commercial cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace is very cost-effective, even though you’re spending a little extra money. If you look at it in an indirect sense and consider the benefits commercial cleaners can provide, then it really is a money saver in the long run. As discussed earlier, an unclean workplace has strong correlations with employees calling in sick or being unproductive.

When employees call in sick, it costs businesses up to $340 each day, and the Australian economy a whopping $33 billion each year. So, when you consider that daily $340, hiring a commercial cleaner to help keep your employees healthy doesn’t seem so expensive.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

If you’re working in a business that services customers in your workspace, it’s also important to consider how the cleanliness of your business is important to them. In a study on customers deciding where to shop (retail) cleanliness ranked as the most important element above lighting, temperature, music, and special events. When it came to food, over 6 in 10 customers agreed that if a fast-food restaurant is clean, they are more inclined to go there often.  

Longevity of Assets

As a business owner, think about how much money you’ve spent on furniture, carpet, toilets, kitchen appliances – the list goes on. In order to get the most out of these items, it’s important to look after them properly, which is where hiring commercial cleaners comes in. 

As they have access to the right products and equipment, commercial cleaners can clean your facilities with care and ensure they last for as long as possible. 

Tailored Cleaning Services

In addition to the standard cleaning tasks that can be performed by your staff, commercial cleaners offer tailored, specialty services. These services cover seasonal or as-required cleaning in addition to day-to-day cleaning.

Orbit Cleaning Australia offers customised cleaning services including:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Fire damage cleaning
  • Rubbish removal and cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Stripping, sealing, and polishing floors

These services can be added to regular cleaning services on an as-needed basis. This allows businesses to adjust their cleaning services to suit their needs.

Plus, for many recurring clients, we assign the same designated staff to your business. This makes sure that you have commercial cleaners who are familiar with your business and any specialty cleaning services that need to be undertaken.

Orbit’s Commercial Cleaning Adds Value to Your Business

Commercial cleaning services provide a wide range of benefits for Melbourne businesses. It’s important that regular cleaning services are maintained on top of day-to-day cleaning.

Orbit Cleaning Services helps Melbourne businesses maintain a safe and clean work environment for employees while adding longevity to their business. If you need one-off specialty cleaning or ongoing commercial cleaning, Orbit Cleaning can create a tailored cleaning service for your business.

For more information about our commercial cleaning services or to request a quote for Melbourne office cleaning or retail cleaning services, please get in touch with Orbit Cleaning Services today.

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