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While is it important for food manufacturing businesses to keep their business running efficiently, it is a basic requirement to keep your processing plant in a clean and hygienic state. Failing to maintain a clean facility can have health consequences for your customers, which can then cause financial and legal issues for your company. 

In order to maintain your manufacturing plant, it is vital to use the most appropriate cleaning method for your facility. There are often two different types of cleaning methods discussed when talking about food manufacturing cleaning. These are Cleaning in Place and Cleaning out of Place (CIP vs COP). Both methods can enhance the cleaning process, however, it is important to have an understanding of the practical implications of both methods before implementing them. We will examine the difference between the two different methods of cleaning, and when it is most appropriate to use each method. 

What is CIP?

Cleaning in Place (CIP) refers to a method of cleaning where equipment does not need to be disassembled. CIP is most commonly used in smooth-surfaced equipment such as pipes and tanks, or other equipment where the interior needs to be cleaned. Usually, the interior of the equipment is too long or large to be safely reached manually. It is critical in industries where hygiene is paramount, such as food manufacturing. It is often part of a complete cleaning process and is usually considered more efficient as equipment does not need to be dismantled before cleaning can begin.  

CIP uses a mix of chemicals, heat and water to clean the machinery to prevent contamination or bacteria growth. Turbulence or agitation is often used to dislodge particles that are left behind after the manufacturing process. Cleaning solution is then flushed through the equipment to sanitise, and then a final rinse is performed. 

What is COP?

Cleaning out of Place (COP) is a cleaning process used when the parts of equipment cannot be cleaned effectively in place, or are difficult to clean. This means the equipment must be disassembled before cleaning. It is then usually taken to a designated cleaning station or area for cleaning. The same cleaning solutions are often still used to sanitise when cleaning out of place. Once the cleaning has taken place, the equipment is then checked once reassembled to ensure no parts have been missed.

CIP vs COP – Which method is better?

Neither cleaning method is considered better as they both have their own advantages and appropriate uses. Both methods can be used in conjunction with each other to ensure that your facility is left clean and hygienic. It is important that your cleaning team performs a complete audit of your facility before determining your cleaning plan. This way, the best method for each piece of equipment can be determined. 

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