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Four reasons why you should consider commercial cleaning to be an investment rather than a cost.

Today, commercial cleaning services are often taken for granted in industries where it’s actually a necessity. While it’s true that commercial cleaning can be a cost in the sense of maintenance of equipment and facilities, we believe that a good commercial cleaning company can also deliver measurable improvements in key indicators and deliverables.

Instead of seeing commercial cleaning as a mere cost, we invite you to consider it as an investment in the future reputation of your business, employee health and productivity, plus insurance against industry-specific risks. Read on to find out why.

Keeping Employees Healthy and Productive:

Regular workplace cleaning results in noticeable productivity improvements and a reduction in sick days. When we say, “productivity improvements”, we don’t mean the time saved by not having your employees clean up after themselves. The link between a clean office and overall productivity has been established in numerous research projects.
A recent peer-reviewed study found that measurably cleaner offices had a noticeable positive correlation with office productivity outcomes (Horrevorts, 2018). Workers who don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of their environment can focus on their primary tasks. An uncluttered office environment can coax employees into a productive mindset and make them feel at home. In the most extreme of cases, this can certainly impact on staff turnover rates and employee satisfaction.

Cleaner office spaces also reduce the likelihood of employees falling ill. With an increased focus on “open-plan” styling in modern offices, there’s even more potential for the spread of bacteria in communal areas. Kitchen appliances, water fountains, phone handles and computer keyboards all pose a much greater risk in an office environment compared to domestic use.
This is where a great commercial cleaner can stand out from the pack. Rather than focusing solely on de-cluttering and cleaning visible grime, a great commercial cleaning team will regularly implement measures designed to reduce the invisible threat of bacteria spread.

Client Impressions are Everything:

Just like a clean office environment can markedly improve the mood of your employees, it most certainly has an impact on what clients think of your operation. Dusty, dirty and cluttered offices obviously don’t give clients the impression of meticulous attention-to-detail. This is just as important for those in the professional services industry as it is for those in the food manufacturing industry. Commercial cleaning services are an investment in your brand image, just like marketing or a sleek office fit-out.

Insurance against Regulatory Risk:

All industries carry financial and reputational risks that arise from poor cleaning, but some industries carry more of a burden. Medical practices and food manufacturing businesses are examples of industries where specialised health standards have resulted in a need for specialised cleaning services. These industries are subject to regular scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Outside of the regulatory risk, there is also a lot on the line when you consider the consequences of medical malpractice or food contamination incidents that arise from poor cleaning standards.

This is why we believe cleaning in these industries especially to be a form of insurance; insurance against regulatory risk and reputational risk. To account for the increased risk potential in the above examples, Orbit Cleaning conducts specialised proactive measures unique to those industries, such as regular swab testing and APT testing.

Maintaining Equipment:

Regular cleaning can prevent rust, grime and dust build-up that could decay the health of your equipment. Maintenance of equipment is regularly seen as a cost rather than an investment, because it’s simply a service that maintains the intended lifespan of your equipment. However, equipment maintenance is once again, an investment in employee health.
For example, air-conditioner cleaning is an area often overlooked. Good Melbourne commercial cleaners will regularly schedule in time to clean air-conditioning filters to keep air quality at a healthy level for your employees. This is especially important in commercial office environments, where air-conditioning is often left on for the entire day. Dust and mould in aircon filters can drastically impact the health of your workers, especially if you employ allergen or asthma sufferers.

Please get in touch with Orbit Cleaning to arrange an inspection and quote to have our expert team identify ways we can improve your operations with comprehensive cleaning.