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Orbit Cleaning offer free commercial cleaning advisory tours,
specialising in the food manufacturing industry

Those who
work in food manufacturing will know how important it is to have a clean
facility, and the dangers that come with your facility failing to meet
standards. With health and safety checks being a regular in the food industry,
it’s imperative that food manufacturers have confidence in the cleanliness of
their facility so they can continue to operate smoothly. At Orbit Cleaning, we
understand the importance of having a clean facility, and thrive off helping
businesses make improvements, which is why we offer commercial cleaning
advisory tours for all food manufacturing businesses across Australia.

What happens during a commercial
cleaning advisory tour?

At Orbit
Cleaning, the purpose of our commercial cleaning advisory tours is to offer
free advice to food manufacturing facilities to help them improve. When you get
in contact with us, we will arrange a time for one of our experienced staff to
visit your facility, anywhere in Australia at no extra cost. When our staff
arrive, they will perform an audit of your facility which involves checking all
the machinery and equipment, assessing your processes, appraising your G and P
and inspecting the production lines. As our staff specialise in food facility
cleaning, they can point out areas of concern that would be missed to the
untrained eye. We find that often, a set of fresh, experienced eyes help pick
up new details that the current cleaning staff might have been missing. After
the audit is complete, our staff will present their feedback, pointing out both
efficiencies and deficiencies and offering suggestions for improvement. From
there, it is up to you to do what you like with the advice.

Are there any obligations

We are passionate about cleaning and helping businesses improve, which is why our commercial cleaning advisory tours are an obligation-free service. We offer free advice that food manufacturers can take back to their current cleaners, apply themselves or, if they like, they can hire us as their new commercial cleaners. It is completely up to the business to choose what they would like to do.

What qualifications do
your staff have?

As a company that specialises in food factory cleaning, our staff go through a detailed training program to ensure every client receives a high-quality service. When our staff are hired, they go through a 10-module online training program that covers our rules and regulations, expectations, chemical training, lockout training, G and P and WHS. In order to pass, our staff must achieve 100% on every module. After completing the module, they are trained onsite with one of our experienced cleaners until they are fully qualified. In addition, Orbit Cleaning have an ISO9001:2015 certification as well as a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification to ensure we meet food industry standards.

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