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And what you can do about it!

As we all know, dust is extremely difficult to contain, with 60% of all household dust making its way in from outside, mostly from the soles of our shoes. Naturally, the same thing happens in an office, only on a much larger scale, affecting not only carpet and surfaces, but much of your expensive electronic equipment. At Orbit Cleaning Australia, we specialise in office cleaning, including focusing on removing dust particles from computers and other electronics with care. If left untreated, dust will begin to build up and affect your computer’s performance in several different ways, which are listed below.

Causes Computers to Overheat

Computers, as we know, generate a lot of heat from working hard to keep programs running. They have the ability to control their heat and cool down using air vents and internal fans that work to sense and regulate temperature. However, when dust begins to build up within the computer, this affects the vents and fan’s ability to cool itself down. As dust clogs the inner fan, blocks the air filters and coats the electrical components, this causes a build-up of heat inside the computer. Too much heat will slow the computer down, causing to crash often. In the long run and worst-case scenario, overheating may damage a computer’s internal components and you could even lose important data if the dust causes your computer to crash.

Damages Circuit Boards

In Australia, our summers are extremely humid and when humidity is high, dust attracts moisture. Moisture, of course, does not go well with any electrical components, including computers. If moist dust finds its way inside your computer, it will begin to eat away at the circuit boards. Corroded circuit boards will lead to your office computers crashing intermittently, where they will eventually need to be replaced. Prematurely replacing computers due to lack of care is a significant financial setback for many businesses as this is a cost that can be easily avoided.

Clogs USB ports

USB ports are an important part of your computer that, due to where they are positioned, become subject to a significant amount of dust. USB ports are responsible for holding flash drives and memory sticks that transport information to and from your computer. Needless to say, if your USB port is clogged with dust, it will stop working and interfere with your ability to transfer documents and information.

Remove Keyboard Dust

How You Can Control It

Fortunately, dust does not have to be a problem for your computer if you know how to manage it correctly and stay on top of cleaning procedures. The best way to stop dust entering your computer is to reduce the amount of dust entering your office as a whole, including vacuuming the floors, dusting surfaces and thoroughly wipe down computer monitors.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring professional commercial cleaners is the most reliable and foolproof way to stay on top of your dust cleaning procedures. You should seek to hire a cleaning company that is not only certified but specialises in office cleaning to ensure the best result. At Orbit Cleaning, we specialise in office cleaning and are able to focus specifically on dust removal if this is an issue for your office space. We also have the flexibility to clean outside of your office hours to minimise interruptions to your workday.

Caring for Your Computers

In addition to hiring a professional cleaning team, it’s important to train your staff to care for their own computers and stay on top of dust build up. This can be done simply by supplying each staff member with a can of air which they can spray into their computer keyboard to push dust particles away. Staff members should also be supplied with static wipes to clean their computer screen and surrounding areas. Static wipes are very effective in picking up dust particles and can be used harmlessly on a daily basis.

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