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At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we’ve made a commitment to improving our sustainable cleaning practices, which includes incorporating a new line of cleaning products into our commercial cleaning solutions. The new product line, Ecolab, focuses on helping people lead safer, healthier and cleaner lives while bettering the planet.

It’s estimated that by 2030, the world will need 40% more water, 35% more food and 30% more energy, so it’s important we do our part to help. Moving forward, we are now offering Ecolab’s award-winning cleaning products for food manufacturing and commercial cleaning sites. As a complimentary service, we will also be offering Ecolab’s water management audit which will provide insight as to how you can minimise water usage in your facility.

To learn more about Ecolab, what their product does and how it can transform your business, continue reading below.

Ecolab Cleaning Solutions

Why Ecolab?

Ecolab is committed to making the world a better place through supplying eco-friendly cleaning products to businesses. In 2019, Ecolab helped their customers conserve 711 billion litres of water, 5.5 billion kilowatts of energy and 25 million kilograms of waste. Ecolab was also ranked #2 in Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies in the Chemical Industry, ranked for the 13th year as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies on and #32 as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

The Ecolab Product

Ecolab offer specialised services for a range of different industries, particularly the food manufacturing industry. As food and beverage often travel hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres between manufacturer and consumption, the risk of contamination is heightened, so it’s important to take drastic measures when it comes to preventing this.

Ecolab offers a world class service that works innovatively to help food and beverage manufacturers strengthen their operational efficiencies, food safety and product quality. This will help our food manufacturing clients product a higher quality product that purchasers are consistently satisfied with.

This is done through providing:

  • Customised cleaning and sanitisation programs
  • Animal health products
  • Antimicrobial food issue treatment
  • Bottle-washing solutions
  • Commercial sterilants
  • Conveyor lubrication
  • And so much more

Through offering these services, Ecolab is keeping 44% of the world’s milk safe, clean and pure; 25% of the world’s pre-packaged food hygienic; and over 600 beverage plants flowing smoothly.

Water Audit Service

For Orbit Cleaning customers, Ecolab are offering a free water audit service.

A water audit involves quantifying the flows of water in a system to understand its usage, reduce wastage and improve conservation. This is important because not only can it help your manufacturing plant save money, but your company can play a part in reducing water shortages. Water shortages caused by drought are now a significant reality in Australia, with many industries contributing to the mass water wastage. Therefore, Ecolab is working towards finding water solutions for their clients, with a goal of saving 50,000 Olympic sized pools of drinking water (125 gigalitres) in 2020. Finding these 125 gigalitres of water will be done through client water audits and using membranes that allow seawater to be transformed into clean drinking water, as well as providing an antiscalant.

As always, Orbit Cleaning Services Australia continue to offer our original, high-quality services to our clients, in addition to offering Ecolab’s new sustainable product line. If you wish to learn more about how Orbit is using Ecolab, contact the team at Orbit Cleaning Australia on 1300 660 699.