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In any food environment, but especially in meat processing plants, the sanitisation process is one of the most important and crucial elements of practice. You would never start cooking with dirty benchtops and sinks full of dishes in your own home kitchen you; instead, you would work hard to make the kitchen clean after you’ve cooked a meal.  In the same way, meat processing plants need to be cleaned thoroughly to decrease the risk of bacteria growing and transferring onto the meat, and through to the consumer.

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia we specialise in commercial cleaning, specifically meat processing plant cleaning and food factory cleaning. Read below to find out more about the Orbit Cleaning’s tailored sanitisation process.

Pre-Cleaning Audit

Before we begin cleaning, our team will conduct an initial audit of your facility to become familiar with the layout and equipment and determine if there’s any areas that need extra attention. In addition to our team making suggestions based on their expertise, they will also ask if there are any areas you want them to focus on to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the service.

After the audit, the staff responsible for cleaning your facility will undergo a complete induction and extensive on-site training for your facility. At Orbit Cleaning we value consistency and quality, so you will only ever have the same team of cleaners working on your facility so that you don’t have anyone onsite who hasn’t undergone the correct training.

The Processing Area

When cleaning the meat processing area, the first thing our team does is pick up any packing materials to ensure the area is completely free of rubbish before the cleaning process begins. Once all the rubbish has been cleared, our cleaners will do a complete wash down with warm water to remove any remaining debris to prep the area for the cleaning products.

Next, all the equipment is cleaned with custom cleaning products that have been chosen specifically to provide the best clean for your equipment. Once the cleaning product has been applied, our cleaners will hand scrub any areas that require extra attention to ensure your facility is completely sanitised. We have special equipment that is designed for drains, hard to reach areas and sensitive areas to ensure that each piece of equipment is cared for accordingly.

Once all the equipment has been scrubbed, our cleaners will thoroughly wash everything down with warm water to prepare for the sanitisation process. Orbit only uses the highest quality sanitising products, specifically designed to combat bacteria often found in food manufacturing plants. Finally, once our team has sanitised the entire area, we perform a swap and APT test to ensure that all surfaces and equipment are completely sanitary.

Touchpoint Cleaning for Common Areas

As we have been made aware of this past year, germs can spread incredibly quickly and it’s important to ensure that every surface in your facility is sanitised. Therefore, in addition to cleaning the meat processing areas, it’s also important to have a stringent cleaning regime for your common areas such as the staff kitchen, break room and bathrooms.

At Orbit Cleaning Australia, we offer common area cleaning services as part of our meat processing plant cleaning to ensure every corner of your facility is sanitised. One of our speciality services is our touchpoint cleaning where we focus particularly on all common touch points such as door handles, tabletops, computer keys, chairs, fridge handles and microwave buttons and more.

Orbit Cleaning Australia are meat processing plant cleaning specialists. To book in for an initial audit, contact our team on 1300 660 699.