Food Manufacture Cleaning Services


Your Quality and Food Safety Certification Is Your Lifeline We Help You Achieve & Maintain it? Can You Afford Anything Less!

We know how important it is for you to maintain your food-processing facility to the highest standards and certifications. You can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to ensuring a food-safe working environment, so we never compromise or cut corners on our cleaning. The facilities we clean have NEVER FAILED an inspection, and consistently achieve the highest rankings possible.

How Is This Possible?


Systems – Processes – Personnel – Attention to detail! We use swab testing, ATP testing, and our in-house auditing system to ensure the highest standards are met. Our initial inspection will determine the most effective cleaning methods for your machinery and environment including pre-rinsing, manual cleaning, foam cleaning, sanitising, pressure cleaning and more.


Many food manufacturing facilities rely on their workers to clean the equipment at the end of their shift thinking that this is a cheaper option and provides the same outcome. We know that is simply not true. Our cleaners are specialists, and they come into your facility to complete their work to the highest standards, they are not tired after a lot shift and ready to clock off as quickly as possible. They are also highly trained and competent in every aspect of the cleaning required for your particular facility, and they inspect every piece of equipment rigorously after cleaning (even underneath) – just to ensure that nothing has been missed. If you are not satisfied with your current cleaning arrangements, or have failed an inspection CALL Orbit Cleaning Services today for a free site inspection and quote.