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Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Orbit Cleaning Services Australia specialise in delivering high quality Melbourne office cleaning services tailored directly to the needs of your workplace and staff.

Fully accredited and compliant, you can trust the team at Orbit Cleaning to clean your office space to the highest standard. Our staff are trained specifically to your office, so you’ll never have a team cleaning your space that isn’t familiar with your cleaning plan, meaning that every clean will be as consistently good as the last. Noting all areas that need to be cleaned, along with any specific cleaning requests our clients have, our team will work hard to ensure that your staff have a clean, healthy and safe environment. In fact, many of our staff have been working with us for years, with the average time our employees stay with us being 7 years!

About Us

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we pride ourselves on providing a highly professional, completely customised service to our office cleaning clients. In addition to having years of experience, our cleaners go through a rigorous training process to ensure they have the same cautious eye and attention to detail that Orbit is recognised for. As a testament to this, none of the facilities we have cleaned have ever failed an inspection.

We are always compliant with any relevant industry requirements. We are 9001:2015 accredited and Codex Alimentarius’ HACCP certified, so our clients can have peace of mind in knowing that we follow industry standards to a tee.

For more information about our business and other services, visit the about us page.

Why Choose Orbit Cleaning?

Dedicated teams trained specifically for your facilities
9001:2015 accredited
Codex Alimentarius’ HACCP certified
Skilled cleaners, each with years of experience
Specialised industry experience
Proactive audits and facility assessments

Obligation-Free Office Cleaning Quote

Types of Commercial Cleaning

At Orbit Cleaning, we understand that no two office spaces are the same; therefore, we have a range of office cleaning services on offer.

We can clean everything in your office from furniture, computers, windows, kitchens and touch point cleaning, with the option of having our team conduct an audit to see where extra cleaning is required.

Within these categories, we also provide services including:

Deep cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Spring cleaning
Commercial bathroom cleaning

Through completing each of these services, our team is dedicated to providing a quality service unmatched by our competitors. As a business ourselves, we understand your business’ image is important to you, whether that be for staff, clients or important visitors. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing a quality service – one that we would be happy with in our own office.

In everything that we do, we are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have a tried and tested formula consisting firstly of a thorough consultation and hygiene analysis before creating tailored solutions, implementing these, evaluating the process to make any necessary improvements and, of course, continuing our commitment to quality service. Within our tailored solutions, we focus on attention to detail, having a clearly defined order of operations and processes and always using safe chemicals. Through this client focused system, we are able to deliver a service that is matched to a high standard, every single time.

Deep Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Proceedures

Orbit Cleaning Services Australia have a range of office cleaning procedures that help us effectively deliver our services. Upon entering your facility for the first time, we will always conduct an audit to determine the type of cleaning your facility needs and where the most attention should be focused.

  • To ensure that your office is properly sanitised, we conduct swab and ATP testing on all surfaces, especially touchpoint areas such as door handles, keyboards, mouses and kitchen taps.
  • To further prevent the potential for airborne contamination, we clean air-conditioning filters when necessary to keep the air clean for you and your employees.
  • To carry out these procedures, we use specialised office cleaning equipment and chemicals that are safe to use on office furniture but will still effectively rid bacteria.

While we have special equipment, if there are hard to reach areas in your office our staff will manually clean every area to ensure that every corner of your office is immaculate. Our procedures are designed, as always, with the safety of your staff in mind and the ability to consistently provide an immaculate cleaning service.

Office Cleaning FAQs

What is office cleaning?

Office cleaning is the process of cleaning different elements of a commercial office such as desks and chairs, computers, monitors, phones, kitchens, bathrooms, carpet and air conditioning. At Orbit Cleaning, we offer these within our office cleaning service, giving clients the option of having our complete service, or just selecting a few services to suit their most important pain points.

What are commercial office cleaning services?

Commercial office cleaning services are cleaning services that are specifically designed for the modern commercial office. This might include touchpoint cleaning, cleaning of electrical equipment, work areas, common rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and reception areas. Depending on which area is being cleaned, tasks can include mopping, dusting, sanitising, waste removal, steaming and polishing.

What is Office Deep Cleaning?

Office deep cleaning is the process of ensuring that every single inch of the office space is thoroughly cleaned. This includes moving any furniture around to access hard to reach areas and places that wouldn’t be cleaned on a regular basis. You can schedule in a deep clean as often as you like; however, most offices have a deep clean around every six months, dependant on how many staff they have.

What does office cleaning include?

Office cleaning includes everything from sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, waste removal, sanitising and dusting. At Orbit Cleaning Australia, we can create custom office cleaning routines for your workplace, focusing on areas of your choice.

Why is office cleaning important?

If you’re a business owner, manager or anyone in charge of staff you have a duty of care to provide a clean, sanitary workspace for your staff. Having a clean workplace help stop the spread of germs and bacteria, limiting the number of sick days your staff may have to take. Not only this, but a good office cleaning routine will also have your space looking spick and span at all times, meaning that your employees will be more motivated to work.

How much does office cleaning cost?

The cost of office cleaning varies depending on the services you’re requesting and how frequently you’re wanting your office cleaned. To obtain a quote with orbit cleaning, please contact our team using the contact form on our website or contacting one of our friendly team on 1300 660 699.

What kind of cleaning equipment do you use for offices?

When it comes to equipment, we work with tools that are specifically designed to provide a thorough clean, eliminating harmful bacteria and germs that might jeopardise the safety of your workplace and staff. In addition, we conduct cleaning audits that include swap testing, bacteria monitoring and air health checks that will establish exactly where the cleaning focus in your office space needs to be. W understand that daily interruptions to any office is an inconvenience, therefore we offer the option of cleaning your facility after office hours so that you are welcomed by a clean office in the morning.

For more information on our office cleaning services, contact our team on 1300 660 699.