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Whether you work in an office, restaurant, hospital, school, or any type of work environment, it’s important that your surroundings are thoroughly cleaned to reduce illness, increase productivity, and present an ideal professional image for you and your business. This is why making use of commercial deep cleaning services presents so many benefits, as professionals are able to meticulously clean every inch of your workspace using techniques and equipment that will ensure the eradication of allergens, germs, and pathogens – so you can focus more on the things that matter.

Orbit Cleaning offer commercial deep cleaning services for a variety of workplaces in Melbourne. As such, if you operate or work in a commercial premisses, government facility, or business, here are the benefits of having your work environment commercially deep cleaned.

Eradicate Germs

Even though we like to think that a quick wipe down of the benches and a vacuum will get rid of any germs in a room, the truth is that these invisible bothers can be fare more durable and widespread than we would like to think. This is why professional cleaners using deep cleaning equipment are an ideal solution.

They have been trained to target all problematic areas of a commercial space by using techniques and premium grade equipment specifically designed to kill any pathogens in the area. This includes thorough cleaning of the carpet, blinds, curtains, airducts, vinyl surfaces, windows, and more.

Increased Productivity

By using commercial deep cleaning services to provide a thorough clean of your workspace, staff members will be able to dedicate more time to their work as there will be less risk of disease spreading, allergies triggering, or fatigue caused by poor air quality. Businesses can’t afford to have their employees taking multiple sick days, so make sure the cause of illness isn’t down to a dirty work environment.

Furthermore, by passing on cleaning duties to professionals, staff members won’t have to spend part of their day wiping down benches or dusting the computer screens. That time can instead be spent working productively and fulfilling the tasks that they are actually paid for. Leave the deep cleaning to the professionals, so that your team have a better chance of meeting deadlines and making the most of their time at work.

Present You and Your Business as Professional

There’s no more uncomfortable feeling for a staff member, customer, or client to walk into messy premises. It doesn’t reflect well on you or your business, but the reality is that regular cleaning doesn’t account for a complete sweep of the facilities. Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom in particular can easily fall victim to mould, mildew, and dust that can jeopardise the image of your business.

By contrast, a clean, sharp, and organised workspace presents you and your business as professional, dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure everyone who enters feels comfortable and safe. The only way to ensure that doesn’t eat into your own time is by hiring commercial cleaning services to make sure your facilities look as crisp and professional as possible.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Checklist

Orbit Cleaning is dedicated to providing Melbourne businesses with the highest quality commercial deep cleaning services. Our expert team and premium grade equipment will ensure your workspace is kept in the best condition possible, with our services tailored to your needs. We put together a customised sanitisation checklist for individual facilities as no two factories are the same.

Some of the tasks we would fulfil in a commercial deep clean include:

  • High-pressure cleaning of all premises.
  • Steam cleaning the carpet.
  • Using deep cleansing sanitary equipment and chemicals.
  • High quality window cleaning.
  • Re-sealing and buffing vinyl surfaces.

Get in Touch

At Orbit Cleaning, our services have been approved to meet national cleaning standards and regulations. This means you can be guaranteed of our ability to complete commercial deep cleaning jobs in your workspace, thanks to our highly qualified team delivering consistent results. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today at 1300 660 699 to book your next clean with Orbit.