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Is Orbit Cleaning Services a Good Fit for You?

Servicing Clients in Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane

When it comes to food industry cleaning, cutting corners can cost you more than just money. We never forget that when your business is on the line, so is our reputation.

Cleaning in the food industry is far too business-critical to be left to amateurs or undercut merchants. We work best when we partner with food processing businesses that take their cleanliness every bit as seriously as we do, and who want to build a long term relationship.

Price Isn't the Only Factor

We’re highly competitive, because no-one has better paperless systems and processes, and no-one does better staff induction training of staff. That means we work fast and we’re efficient. No-one survives in the business of cleaning food processing plant for 30 years without being lean and competitive.

But your decision over something as business-critical as the cleanliness of your plant should not be taken on price alone. What is peace of mind worth to you? What is the reassurance that you’re not about to get a recall notice worth to you?

You might want to know how long they’ve been in business, for example. We’ve been around for decades, which means we must be doing something right. And along the way we’ve picked up a lot of experience of cleaning food processing plant. So talk to us before you make your decision, and we’ll help you to be confident that you’re making the right one.

Orbit Cleaning Go the Extra Mile

When you ask us to scope your work, it’s a two way process: you’re seeing whether we’re the right partner for you, and we’re seeing whether you’re the right partner for us. We look for long term partnerships where you trust us to do the right thing and where we go the extra mile to deliver. We can’t do that on a starvation diet.

And we do go the extra mile. For example, it’s part of our standard operating procedure for all our clients that, during our clean, we look for and record any equipment failure and breakage issues, and let your maintenance staff know so that they get onto it first thing before the shift starts. We know that having your staff and equipment standing idle costs big time! Strictly speaking it isn’t cleaning – but it is looking after your interests.

Our People are the Best!

We’re very proud to say that our staff have been with us for a long, long time. On average, people stay with Orbit Cleaning Services for six and a half years.

That’s down to three reasons.

First, we look after our people as best as we can. We respect them, because we know that in a food processing plant cleaning business, people aren’t just our best asset, they’re our only asset. (OK, it’s true, we do have a few machines. But we can buy new ones. People are much harder to replace.)

Second, we’re a family-owned, independent business and all of our Supervisors and Operations Managers started with us as cleaners. So we know what it’s like. And we can offer our people a career with us, not just a job.

And third, we put our staff through intensive training conducted by senior staff who have themselves been cleaners (we’re not big on expensive suits here at Orbit Cleaning Services!), showing them how we do what we do and introducing them to our rigorous paperless systems and processes for checking, re-checking and signing off our work.

Talk to Our Team

We understand that we’re not perfect, although we do our very best. So whether it’s an issue you need to raise with us, or a change to the schedule, or a change in your requirements, you know you can pick up the phone and talk to the shareholders. When we discuss your work, you know that, for us, this is more than a job, it’s our life’s work. Our reputation has taken more than three decades to build, and we guard it very carefully indeed.

We understand what’s at stake here. If we don’t do our very best, your business is at risk – and that’s our reputation on the line. We’re only as good as last night’s clean.

We can’t promise to be perfect. But what we do promise is that, if ever there’s an issue, we’ll get onto it as soon as you tell us about it, and we won’t rest until it’s sorted.

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