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At Orbit, the majority of our clients are in the highly demanding, technically challenging world of food manufacturing, where product recall due to dangerous bacteria such as listeria or salmonella can interrupt your business or even close it down all together!

Our highly trained staff go above and beyond a cosmetic clean, continuously checking quality to ensure your processing facilities remain safe and healthy.

Importance of Cleanliness


We believe that commercial cleaning is an investment in your business. A clean, hygienic workplace keeps your employees healthy and productive; it ensures a good first impression for your clients; it protects you against regulatory risk; and it expands on the lifespan of your equipment.

Melbourne Commercial Cleaners

Our Services:

Food Manufacturers

Cleaning services for the food manufacturing industry across Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

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Commercial Cleaning

For Melbourne offices, commercial premises, businesses and government facilities.

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Medical Cleaning

Your reputation and the health of your patients depends on cleanliness.

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Builder’s Clean

Services across residential and commercial construction sites in wider Melbourne.

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High Access Cleaning

We can work with your building’s existing window washing chairs and carriages.

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Specialty Cleaning Services

Emergency cleaning, deep cleaning, touch point cleaning, fire damage, graffiti removal, floor stripping & more.

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At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we understand the importance of having a clean facility, and thrive off helping businesses make improvements. That is why we offer obligation-free commercial cleaning quotes.

Just like a clean office environment can markedly improve the mood of your employees, it most certainly has an impact on what clients think of your organisation.

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We've worked with some of the biggest brands

We have been working with Orbit Cleaning Services for over 15 years and found them to be extremely organised and always quick to deal with any problems. Would recommend them with no hesitations.

Nick FabianSenior Contracts Administrator

We are a high risk food manufacturing site in Brisbane. Reputable cleaning services which understand our sanitisation requirements are hard to come by, but Orbit Cleaning significantly exceeded our expectations. They are dependable, passionate about service and able to build trusting relationships.

Amanda LewerQA Manager

Just a quick note to say how much we appreciate the excellent service provided by Orbit Cleaning Services. We are extremely impressed with the professional cleaning services that are being performed on a daily basis at our facility. Everything looks great! The team did a great job. Thank you!

Andrew Hughes

We have had an excellent working relationship with Orbit Cleaning for over five years. They clean the common areas for building which we manage. Orbit are a totally professional company providing quality cleaning services, and their management team are very easy to work with.

Robert Sciarrone

Obligation-Free Commercial Cleaning Quote

Orbit Cleaning FAQs

Why should I choose Orbit Cleaning as my commercial cleaning provider?

Let us conduct an Advisory Tour of your facilities with you. We promise, you’ll never look at your factory in the same way again.

We’ll walk your premises alongside you, and be honest with you as to what you need – whether you’re already getting it or not.

Are your staff trained cleaners?

Orbit Cleaning’s staff go through rigorous training and induction, in addition to their individual site training. You can expect that with Orbit Cleaning, you’ll have a reliable team of cleaners at your facility who are always dedicated to the task at hand. We don’t hire students or temporary workers; instead we hire dedicated cleaners, and many of our managing staff are former cleaners themselves.

What certifications does Orbit Cleaning hold?

Orbit carry ISO9001:2015 certification, ensuring we have systems in place to guarantee the high-quality workmanship our clients expect, according to all industry standards and regulations. In addition, we have HACCP accreditation, proving our cleaning techniques and protocols are suitable for use in the food manufacturing industry.

Where do you provide commercial cleaning services?

We have teams across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Each of our teams usually drives out up to two hours from the city centre, ensuring they can still provide a quick response to any emergencies their clients may have.

Are you qualified to perform specialist food processing plant cleaning?

Orbit Cleaning Services has achieved ISO9001:2015 certification, ensuring we have systems in place to clean to the highest quality standards you demand. In addition, we have HACCP accreditation, proving our cleaning techniques and protocols meet the exceptional requirements of the food manufacturing industry.

How well trained are your staff?

When we’re taking on new staff, we want them to consider not just a job but a career with Orbit – many of our managing staff are former cleaners themselves. Our staff go through rigorous training and induction, in addition to their individual site training. With Orbit Cleaning, you have a reliable team of cleaners at your facility dedicated to the task at hand.

How can I find out more?

Go here, and let’s see if we’d be a good partner for you to work with. We’re always looking to work with food processing businesses that take their responsibility for cleanliness as seriously as we do. If that’s you, we’d love the opportunity to show you what we can do.

What type of cleaning products do you use in your office cleaning service?

Orbit Cleaning Australia provide tailored cleaning solutions to suit your business. If you require regular cleaning using non hypoallergenic products or specific products then our team will work with you to meet those cleaning requirements.

Do you offer touchpoint cleaning services?

Yes. In light of Covid-19, professional touch point cleaning services have become extremely important for commercial businesses and food manufacturing facilities. Touch point cleaning involves the sanitisation of all surfaces with special focus on surfaces that are frequently touched by many people. This includes things like door handles, light switches, telephone, computer keyboards, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, taps, handrails and more.

Orbit Cleaning Australia have special equipment – including a portable fog unit which sprays a sanitising mist to get into hard to reach areas – that facilitates our ability to be able to provide touch point cleaning.