Food Manufacturing Cleaning

Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney

Orbit Cleaning Services provide cleaning services for the food manufacturing industry across Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. We’ve been providing high quality commercial cleaning services to businesses in Australian cities since 1989 and strive to provide tailor-made cleaning solutions that suit your budget, operation schedule and facility requirements. Our team are experienced in the food manufacturing industry and have specialised equipment and approaches designed especially for hygienic food production.

As a testament to our cautious eye and attention to detail, all the food manufacturing facilities we’ve worked on have never failed a food health and safety inspection. Food manufacturing facilities have specialised requirements compared to regular commercial sites, so our teams use specialised cleaning procedures that are adapted to meet regular auditing and health inspection requirements. Get in touch with us via phone or email to discuss our services and arrange an inspection and site audit by one of our friendly team.

Our standard service area for food manufacture plants is two hours travel time from the CBD. On larger jobs requiring extensive cleaning or on-site cleaners, we will travel further; please get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.


Tailored Approach

We work with our clients closely to ensure they get the best cleaning schedule and level of service to suit the needs of their business, size of facilities and regular operations. Your tailored approach could include regular clean-ups performed quickly by a clean-up crew late at night, or involve a dedicated cleaning professional on-site at all times… the possibilities are endless. We’re equipped with the staff size, knowledge and equipment to tackle any size of facilities.

Types of food manufacturing facilities we clean include:

  • Meat processing facilities
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Breweries
  • Packing plants
  • Commercial bakeries

In addition to your food manufacturing equipment, we can also take care of attached or demountable office buildings nearby.

In our initial audit and inspection of your facilities, we’ll ask if there’s any areas that you feel need extra attention and keep our eye out for areas that would ordinarily be left neglected. We like our staff to know your facilities like the palm of their hand, so we conduct extensive on-site training for the first few appointments to ensure the professionalism we’re known for remains consistent. The professional image of your facilities starts with the professionalism of our team.

Specialised Cleaning Procedures

Naturally, in larger food manufacturing facilities, run of the mill cleaning equipment simply won’t do. Our teams use specialised commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals designed especially for tackling larger tasks more efficiently and effectively. Whether this means manually scrubbing large vats or pressure cleaning hard to reach surfaces, our cleaning staff leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your facilities are left spick and span and that food manufacturing safety requirements are met.

To ensure all surfaces remain sanitary, we regularly conduct swab testing and APT testing across food manufacturing surfaces. We’ll clean air-conditioning filters whenever necessary to keep air clean for employees and minimise the potential for airborne contamination. Regular audits can be scheduled to ensure all cleaning criteria is being met, which is a good way to prepare for any unexpected health inspections.

Emergency Commercial Cleaning

In the event of an emergency spillage that effects the hygiene and productivity of your facilities, we can be out to you at the drop of a hat. Having dedicated cleaning teams in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney allows us to quickly get to your business in the event of a catastrophe requiring urgent clean up.

For more information about any of our cleaning services for food manufacturing facilities, please get in touch on 1300 660 699.


In addition to ISO9001:2015 certification, our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification ensures that we meet the stringent standards necessary in the food industry. These certifications indicate that our protocols are designed to identify and minimise safety hazards in the food cleaning industry, and that our cleaning methods and products are safe for use in food production facilities.

We’ve worked for a diverse range of businesses in this industry at different scales. Our team is equipped to clean processing facilities, breweries, commercial kitchens, bakeries, food manufacturing and packing facilities, meat processing plants, abattoirs and more.

In addition to the different chemicals, techniques and equipment discussed above, more regular cleaning will need to be conducted to prevent contamination. For this reason, some larger clients elect to have an Orbit team member permanently on-site.

Yes. Our cleaning staff have gone through a rigorous training and induction process to ensure they’re fit to uphold the high standards we keep for our processing facilities cleaning services. We don’t hire students or any temporary staff. In addition, our cleaners are trained on each individual client’s facilities, adopting special protocols for the unique needs of our clients.