High Access Cleaning Services

Those Exterior Windows & Billboards Need Cleaning Too!


Cleaning high-rise buildings and prominent billboards is a job for skilled professionals. At Orbit Cleaning Services we have the equipment, expertise, and experience to clean even these safely and skilfully. Your windows and exterior walls will sparkle, and your billboards attract even more attention when they are clean and show up in high-contrast.


Any billboards, statues or buildings larger than two-storeys typically require specialist high access cleaning equipment in order for a complete clean to be possible. In addition to cleaning windows, depending on the height of the structure we can scrub and high-pressure wash any dirt and grime on the exterior of your building.

For most high rise buildings, usually two times per year will suffice. This can also be dependent on the type of tint and surrounding environment; we can provide you with a good idea of how often you should get your windows cleaned when we inspect the site.

Yes, all our high access window cleaners have experience with both scaffold and abseil cleaning and follow all correct safety procedures to ensure they and any nearby pedestrians stay safe. In addition, all cleaners in the Orbit Cleaning team go through an extensive training program and induction to your facility to ensure they meet any specialised needs your building may have.

In addition to our superstar team of cleaners trained for your specific building, we go further for our clients. We offer convenient service hours, and can arrange high rise cleaning at a time that is more convenient for any occupants, weather permitting.