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Commitment to Excellence in Cleaning

Cleaning is our core business and we hold ourselves to standards of excellence. We do everything possible to ensure that you never need to worry about any aspect of your hygiene and cleanliness certifications ever again.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients stay with us for years, and the builders we work with call on us for their final clean over and over. For us, that’s the strongest evidence of the value of our services. Our clients value our consistency, responsiveness, and the peace-of-mind our high standards of cleanliness deliver.

Systems, Processes, Training & Checklists

You are our client, and our goal is to satisfy your needs. Sometimes, things do go wrong, and we will take prompt and decisive action to resolve your problems. Our clients have access to a 24-hour emergency line so that they can contact us in an emergency.

State of the Art Equipment & Proceedures

We use the latest processes, equipment and materials to ensure that we clean your facility thoroughly and efficiently. These include swab testing, ATP testing, and our in-house auditing system to ensure the highest standards are met. Our initial inspection will determine the most effective cleaning methods for your machinery and environment including pre-rinsing, manual cleaning, foam cleaning, sanitising, pressure cleaning and more.

CALL Orbit Cleaning Services today for a free site inspection and quote and ensure your quality certification once and for all!

Responsive Service

How can we guarantee such consistency?

When we first start working at a site all our staff undergo a rigorous training and supervision process to ensure that they understand every procedure that needs to be followed.

Everything is documented in our contracts, and every procedure for each area of the facility is described and documented thoroughly for our staff. In some cases, regular training and supervision might take 2-3 weeks, after which the staff are thoroughly familiar with all that needs to be done. But we still don’t rely on memory. Checklists are used, work is monitored, and Orbit Cleaning Services conducts its own internal audits and inspections on the work to ensure that you are never caught out by an external audit.

Orbit Cleaning's Certifications

We are passionate about ensuring that we meet and exceed Australian standards for commercial cleaning - both for food manufacturing facilities as well as for offices, restaurants and other commercial properties. Our certifications are always kept up to date and if you would like more information about what they entail, and the criteria that we are required to maintain to be certified, please get in touch with the Orbit Cleaning team.

Obligation-Free Commercial Cleaning Quote