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Commercial Cleaning Services

It’s what we do

Orbit Cleaning Services Australia prides itself on providing tailored commercial cleaning services to suit the diverse, specialised needs of our clients.

Our professional cleaning services are meticulous and thorough to ensure your workplace and food factories are well maintained and safe to inspire your employees and impress your clients. By putting in place quality processes and hiring only skilled professional cleaners, we deliver a level of quality unsurpassed by other commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

We aim to make cleaning an investment, not a cost.

Why Choose Orbit

When you choose to work with Orbit Cleaning Services, you’re choosing to work with a company that is qualified and experienced. Not often will you come across a commercial cleaning company that has 30 years of industry experience and the qualifications to match. At Orbit Cleaning, we carry a ISO9001:2015 certification as well as a HACCP certification which means our services align with industry expectations. Further, we are constantly re-investing in the training of our team, our cleaning equipment and our internal systems and processes, to ensure that our service meets the high demands of our clients.

Working with a company who believes in the value of customised cleaning will have a significant positive impact on your business as opposed to working with a team who take a one size fits all approach. Orbit cleaning offer a tailored cleaning services to every single clients complete with regular detailed inspections and digital reports made.

We are:

9001:2015 accredited
Codex Alimentarius’ HACCP certified
Dedicated teams trained specifically for your facilities
Skilled cleaners, each with years of experience
Specialised industry experience
Proactive audits and facility assessments

Our Cleaning Services

The team at Orbit Cleaning can also make themselves available for any emergency cleaning jobs that may arise.

At Orbit Cleaning, we specialise in tailoring a unique cleaning experience for every food manufacturing facility we manage. We do this by training designated staff on specific facilities, and by putting together tailored digital checklists to ensure we cover every base and identify maintenance concerns early. Our cleaning standards are ISO9001 approved, ensuring a consistent standard of cleaning in line with industry expectations.

Types of Melbourne commercial facilities we provide cleaning services for include:

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