Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Orbit Cleaning provide Melbourne commercial cleaning services for commercial businesses, organisations and government facilities. Established in 1989 by John Oztuk, Orbit Cleaning are known for their tailored cleaning solutions designed to minimise waste and business delays, as well as remove potential health risks posed to employees and customers. Our commercial cleaning staff are professionally trained and are allocated to specific sites to ensure consistency in our services.

We pride ourselves on offering cleaning services tailored to each individual business, no matter their size or industry. Our teams are trained specifically for your facilities, working with specialised equipment to protect your staff and any consumers from harm caused by bacteria build-up and cross-contamination. We work proactively to mitigate hygienic risks and have local teams on standby to ensure minimal downtime. Further, our processes have been approved to meet standards set by international bodies, such as ISO and Codex Alimentarius.

Melbourne Commercial Cleaners

Why Choose Orbit Cleaning?

Dedicated teams trained specifically for your facilities
9001:2015 accredited
Codex Alimentarius’ HACCP certification
Skilled cleaners, each with years of experience
Specialised industry experience
Proactive audits and facility assessments

Tailored for Your Facilities

Our staff are trained specifically for your facilities because all our clients receive a tailored cleaning plan. In our initial inspection of your facilities, we’ll be on the lookout not just for routine areas to be cleaned, but also specialised appliances, furniture and other areas that require specialised cleaning approaches. Our tailored cleaning programs ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing your employees and customers with a clean, healthy and safe environment. Having a tailored cleaning program allows the most efficient use of your cleaning budget.

A thorough audit in our initial inspection will include things like swab testing, bacteria monitoring and air health checks to establish exactly what’s necessary for your facilities. By doing this, costs can be cut in unnecessary areas and attention can instead be put towards areas of your facilities that may have gone unnoticed, such as cleaning air-conditioning filters. We can also audit to any regulatory criteria you must meet, allowing you to prepare for any scheduled or unscheduled audits (i.e. in the food industry).

Types of Commercial Cleaning

We clean offices, hospitals, factories, restaurants, universities, schools, and much more, with tailored schedules to suit our clients.

Whether you need a permanent cleaner on standby or just need the office cleaned every fortnight, we’ve got you covered with that and everything in between. Orbit Cleaning doesn’t offer a standardised product or service; we listen to you, assess your facilities, and put together a cleaning program that suits your budget, schedule and facilities.

We cater to all scheduling requirements, working around the time management and peak hours of your business or organisation to ensure minimal impact to daily operations.

Types of Melbourne commercial facilities we provide cleaning services for include:

  • Commercial office spaces
  • Share spaces
  • Retail spaces
  • Storage facilities
  • School & university facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hotels and apartment buildings
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Dentist and Doctor practices
  • Medical facilities

Servicing Melbourne CBD and Surrounds

Specialised Commercial Cleaning Services

Medical facilities

Medical facilities require specialist cleaning procedures and regular contamination testing, which our experienced staff are equipped to perform.

High access cleaning

We have specialist equipment and staff trained in high access cleaning operations, allowing us to work on tall structures and tight access facilities.

Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Builders cleaning

Our builders cleaning team have experience on large commercial and residential projects and accommodate their schedule to suit the needs of your project.

Food manufacturing industry

We’re certified with Codex Alimentarius HACCP certification and develop tailored hazard prevention programs to prevent contamination and ensure your facilities require with all regulatory requirements.

No Job Too Small

No matter the size of your facilities, we’re equipped to take it on. You’ll receive a dedicated cleaning team, sized according to your scheduling and facility requirements. In addition to standard debris and surface cleaning equipment, your dedicated cleaning team will be equipped with everything necessary to keep your facilities spotless, including:

  • High-pressure cleaners
  • Carpet steamers
  • Deep cleansing sanitary equipment and chemicals
  • Window cleaning equipment
  • Buffing and re-sealing equipment for vinyl surfaces

We use non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals throughout our cleaning to ensure your employees stay healthy. Our staff go beyond just cosmetic cleaning, continually checking air quality to keep the workplace healthy for asthma sufferers and minimise the potential for disease outbreak.

Accountable Cleaning

Orbit goes one step beyond other Melbourne commercial cleaning companies; we have developed a custom CMS system that manages our client’s cleaning schedules. It’s a user-controlled cleaning audit system that allows for tailored automated checklists, detailed inspection reports and filing without any manual auditing necessary. It’s a time and cost-saver that our Melbourne clients love.

During a typical cleaning appointment, our team will record what equipment and rooms they’ve cleaned in your facility, taking photos and notes as necessary to inform your delegated staff member about any concerns that may need attention. Cleaning products and batch numbers used will also be taken note of. This ensures ultimate accountability, informs you when your facilities are cleaned, and allows for better maintenance scheduling. What’s more, the Orbit CMS can easily be scaled for your other sites.

In addition to having staff specifically allocated to your facilities, you’ll have a direct line of access to us at all times to make adjustments to cleaning schedules, plans, or facilitate special arrangements in the case of unexpected delays or surges in business. Our Melbourne-based commercial cleaning staff only operate within the Melbourne metro area for standard commercial sites. This means we’ve always got someone nearby to perform emergency graffiti or fire damage clean up to get your facilities back up and running in no time.

For more information about any of our Melbourne commercial cleaning services, please get in touch with Orbit Cleaning Services Australia on 1300 660 699.

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