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Hygiene and cleanliness is one of the most important parts of the job when working in the meat industry, which is why dedicated cleaning services for butchers, abattoirs and meat processing facilities need to be tailored to your facility. A clean, sanitary workplace is essential in helping to stop the spread of bacteria between employees and food; if bacteria makes its way to a consumer it can be detrimental to your business.

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia we offer tailored, comprehensive cleaning services for butchers, abattoirs and meat processing facilities. Below, we’re covering some of the most important elements of cleaning for your meat processing facility and how to check if your cleaning measures up. 

Are your Cleaners HACCP Certified?                                         

A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification is an internationally recognised standard that defines the requirements for effective control of food safety, built around seven different principles. If your cleaner has a HACCP certification, it means they are compliant with the stringent standards necessary in the food industry and are trained to clean your facility in accordance with these.

Orbit Cleaning is HACCP certified, meaning we can provide cleaning services for butchers, abattoirs and meat processing facilities that are compliant with Australian sanitisation standards. Our staff are trained to not only clean in accordance to these standards, but to identify points where food safety issues could arise and put measures in place to prevent issues from happening. This is important as non-compliance can reflect negatively upon your business, whether that be in terms of negative press, fines or a range of other problems.

Our staff care about your business; which is why we work to bring out the best in your food manufacturing facility and help you to remain compliant with Australian Standards. Whether you require routine cleaning, audits or a pre-inspection clean; our team are here to help. 

On your Terms

As a business ourselves, we understand that interruptions to your day can significantly affect your workflow. Therefore, we like to do things on your terms and work around you rather than asking you to work around our time frame. Whether it’s more convenient for us to step in before your day’s work, during the middle of the day, or after you’ve closed, our team will work to find a time that is suitable to clean and sanitise all of your equipment. 

Cleaning Services for Butchers

Our Process 

Upon first entering your facility, the staff at Orbit Cleaning will conduct an audit and ask if there’s any areas you would like us to focus on and offer suggestions for improvement. After this our staff will undergo extensive training so that they know your facility inside out. We pride ourselves on having an eye for detail and picking up things that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye; in fact, no facility cleaned by us has ever failed a health and safety inspection.

Throughout the time we work with our clients we are constantly seeking ways to improve the cleanliness of their facility and making any changes in accordance to changes made within your business. 

Experienced Cleaners 

When working with Orbit Cleaning Australia you’ll always have the same team of cleaners cleaning your facility to ensure consistency and accuracy. Before they begin working on any facilities our cleaning staff go through a comprehensive training and induction process to ensure they fit within our company and are capable of upholding the high standards we keep. We hire our cleaners on the basis that they will be lifelong employees so we ensure to take care with the hiring process, keeping our clients’ needs in mind at all times. 

Orbit Cleaning Australia are commercial cleaners with over 30 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cleaning services to our clients, tailoring our services specifically to their needs.

For more information about our food manufacturing cleaning service, contact us on 1300 660 699.

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