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In 2020, cleaning and sanitisation has been more important than ever in keeping us safe and healthy; whether it be in the office, commercial kitchen, abattoirs or particularly, in food production plants. Sanitisation in food production plants not only helps stop the spread of germs but is also essential in ensuring that the food remains uncontaminated and safe to eat.

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we specialise in food manufacturing cleaning and are proud to have been providing high quality commercial cleaning services to meat plants in Australia since 1989. As experts in cleaning and sanitisation, we’re sharing below the importance of cleaning and sanitisation in meat plants.

Bacterial Growth

Each year, there are several million individuals that develop food borne illnesses, some of which are caused by what goes on in the processing plant. Therefore, it is imperative that meat processing plants continue to enhance their food safety practices to work on minimising the number of food borne illnesses. Food borne illnesses are caused by bacteria growth, and the rate of this depending on a range of different factors or environmental conditions.

Some of the most important factors are:

  • Water – Bacteria requires moisture to grow, survive and multiply.
  • Oxygen – Some bacteria are aerobic and need oxygen to grow while some are anaerobic and grow in the absence of oxygen.
  • Nutrients – bacteria needs an energy source of nutrients to grow.
  • pH (acidity) – bacteria usually grows at a neutral pH of 6.6. to 7.5. To prevent growth, pH should be kept at below 4.6.
  • Temperature – Most bacteria grows between 4oc– 60oc.

Threats to your Business

It’s important to remember that food contamination as a result of lack of cleaning and sanitisation can result in serious consequences for your business. If a customer of yours contracts a food borne illness that is traced back to manufacturing, it can result in a significant loss of sales, damaged reputation and loss of trust from customers and suppliers.

In addition, some affected customers may even take legal action which, unfortunately, can end some businesses who are unprepared. To combat this, all meat manufacturing plants should have a food safety program that includes how they will control the food safety hazards associated with the business.

For more information on setting a food safety program, visit the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand website. For a generic meat processing plant, the following sanitisation guidelines are recommended, which Orbit Cleaning Services Australia can carry out.

Clean, then sanitise

In order to ensure all areas are completely sanitised, they must be cleaned first. This includes all organic material such as dirt, manure, meat scraps etc, which must be removed for effective sanitisation. In regard to other areas of the plant, all other physical facilities of the plant that aren’t used for processing should be maintained in a sanitary condition to further prevent contamination. Finally, all cleaning and sanitisation products should be free from undesirable microorganisms to be safe for use.

Pest Extermination

Measures should be taken to avoid pests entering the meat processing areas to protect against the contamination of food. Any pesticides used should be permitted only under precautions to prevent these coming into contact with meat, meat processing surfaces, and meat packaging materials.

Clean all food contact surfaces

All surfaces that come into contact with food should be cleaned on a regular basis to protect against contamination. This includes utensils, equipment and surfaces that are used in production and in addition, non-food-contact surfaces should be cleaned frequently.

The Orbit Advantage

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we are specialists in food manufacturing cleaning, particularly in meat processing plants. With over 30 years of experience, we provide tailored cleaning services for your meat processing plant that aligns with your budget, facility requirements and operation schedule. We understand that cleaning and sanitising meat manufacturing plants is a significantly different process to commercial kitchens; therefore, we adapt our services accordingly and have the correct certifications to meet the standards necessary in the food manufacturing industry.

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