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Your office is more than just your work environment. It should be a healthy and safe space for you to spend a large portion of your week being productive, helping clients, and moving your career forward. That’s why making sure your office is clean, organised, and presentable is such a key factor to making your time spent there as enjoyable as possible. But how often should office cleaning take place? And who should be responsible for which tasks?

At Orbit Cleaning, we offer comprehensive office cleaning services that tailor our solutions depending on your premises and circumstances. Today, we’ll look at how often your office should be cleaned depending on how big your office is, what type of business you run, and what you can afford to pay.

The Size & Shape of the Office

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, and these variations will play a large part in determining how often they should be cleaned. Large offices that house dozens or even hundreds of employees will see a lot of traffic walking over its floors, using its amenities, and creating waste. Therefore, larger offices should be cleaned more regularly than smaller business spaces that may only have a small group of people walk through its doors each day.

You can also expect offices with carpets, lots of windows, or poor ventilation will need more regular cleans as these features are prone to producing dust and germs. Open layout offices also won’t require cleaning as frequently as closed office spaces as there is better airflow reducing the risk of mould, mildew, or dust build-up.

All of these factors play into how often an office should be cleaned. For example, while kitchens, bathrooms, and guest areas should be cleaned daily to ensure you’re presenting yourself as professional and sanitary, dedicated workspaces may only need weekly cleaning.

The Type of Cleaning

The other important factor that you need to consider when cleaning your office is the type of cleaning you want performed. Regular cleaning is stuff like emptying your rubbish bins, wiping down the benches, vacuuming/sweeping the floors, and wiping down reflective surfaces. These are all small tasks that can be performed by you, your employees, or janitorial cleaners who often work on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis. Regular cleaning isn’t too time consuming and should be undertaken regularly – at least once a week – to keep your office looking presentable and welcoming.

On the other hand, deep cleaning has many benefits that go far deeper than regular cleaning. Deep cleaning ensures that your office is fully sanitised and rid of any germs that may affect employees’ wellbeing and productivity. Using industry-leading equipment and highly trained cleaners, deep cleaning services will go over every inch of an office and employ techniques such as carpet steaming and high-pressure cleaning so that everything looks and feels completely rejuvenated.

Office deep cleaning only has to be conducted once in a while – usually around 6-month intervals – as the process is far more thorough and time consuming. Deep cleaning also costs more than regular cleaning but brings lasting value to your working environment.

Have Your Office Cleaned With Orbit Cleaning

Orbit Cleaning offers high-quality office cleaning services that are specifically tailored the needs and requirements of your company. Our team of expert cleaners have gone through rigorous training and come equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning tools so they can perform their task to the best of their ability. If you wish to make use of our office cleaning services, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today on 1300 660 699.