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Cool rooms are an essential piece of equipment for many food manufacturing businesses. Maintaining the temperature of certain foods is essential for avoiding food-borne illnesses and spoilage. Contaminated food can mean disaster for food processing businesses, and keeping food storage and preparation areas clean and hygienic is a requirement under Australian regulations

In order to maintain a well-functioning cool room, it is important to keep it clean and hygienic. As specialists in the area of food manufacturing cleaning, we have cleaned our fair share of cold storage rooms. Below we will outline how to clean a cold storage room and some of the steps you should definitely have in your procedures. 

How to clean a cold storage room

In order to keep your cool room clean, there are some important steps that should be included in your cleaning procedure. One of the most important steps is to keep the floor and any other surfaces clean. Surfaces should be washed thoroughly with a mild cleaning agent, suitable for cool room use. The floor can also be vacuumed to remove any build-up of dust or debris. 

It is also essential to ensure all surfaces are dry. Excess water is a safety hazard in that it can be slippery, but also can cause a build-up of ice. 

Your cool room cleaning checklist 

  • Clean up any spills and discard any spoiled products – this should be done as soon as possible to prevent bacteria growth 
  • Clean any door seals and inspect for any damage 
  • Clean all surfaces (including the floor) with the appropriate cleaning solutions and tools 
  • Ensure all surfaces are completely dry 
  • Sanitise surfaces using an appropriate sanitising method  

It’s important to note that ongoing maintenance is also important for keeping your cool room in top condition. Checking the temperature is accurate, and that the controls and fans are all operating correctly, may form a wider maintenance checklist for your facility. 

Further tips for a hygienic cool room 

While you may regularly clean and check your cool room, you may still run into issues despite your best efforts. Mould is commonly found in cool rooms, due to the moisture in the air, and is often caused by warm air entering the room and causing condensation. While it can be removed with effective cleaning methods, it highlights the importance of checking the door seals to ensure there aren’t any potential ways for warm air to seep in. Discarding spoiled products, and avoiding the use of wood or paper, will also help to keep the potential of mould spores to a minimum. 

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we have over 30 years of experience providing tailored cleaning solutions for food manufacturing facilities around the country. We are happy to offer cleaning services that meet your budget, facility requirements and operation schedule. Cleaning food manufacturing plants differs significantly from commercial kitchens, and we hold the certifications necessary to meet food manufacturing standards. 

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