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Got stains? If so, you’re likely anxious to end a way to get rid of whatever is lingering on your carpeting or upholstery, but it’s important that you proceed with caution. Trying to remove stains the wrong way can end up ruining whatever you’re attempting to clean for best results, use the following stain removal methods.


Red wine has a reputation for being one of the hardest stains to remove, but you can do it with the right products. If the wine is freshly spilled, be certain not to rub at the stain. Pat the surface with paper towels to absorb the mess and then try salt and cold water or club soda to remove the stains. If you’ve allowed stains to linger, you can use a stain remover spray that’s safe for carpeting or your specific type of upholstery or a solution of one part dish washing liquid and one part hydrogen peroxide.


Green grass stains on rugs in high traffic areas are common in the summer months, and they can usually be removed with enzyme- based carpet cleaners. If those fail, you can try an oxygen-based bleach that is labelled as safe for rugs.

Nail Polish

If an at-home manicure has left a mess on the carpeting or couch, you can remove the stain with ordinary household products, but don’t make the mistake of trying to rub the stain away with nail polish remover. Instead, moisten the stain with cold water and then spray it with an ordinary hair spray about 20 times. Pour a little rubbing alcohol onto the stain and then scrub with a firm bristled brush. Add cold water to the stain as you scrub. You may need to repeat the spraying and scrubbing a few times to remove it all.

Candle Wax

A candle can enhance the ambiance of a room, but its wax can cause major headaches if it ends up spilled. To remove a waxy stain, use a butter knife to scrape off as much as of the large chunks as possible and then run the vacuum. Next, lay a damp cotton towel over the stain and run a hot iron over it. The wax will melt from the heat and stick to the cloth, eliminating the stain.


Even a very minor injury can leave you with a big mess to clean! To get rid of blood, it’s usually best to let it dry. Then, use a scrub brush to loosen as much of the stain as possible. Run the vacuum cleaner and then use a clean cloth and a mixture of 2 teaspoons dish washing detergent and 2 cups of cold water to scrub the stain. If you can still see traces of the stain, you can try a solution of ammonia and water.

If stains persist despite using these methods, it’s a good idea to seek the help of a commercial cleaning service. Orbit Cleaning Australia would be glad to assist you with your stain remove all problem and other cleaning needs. Contact us today for a free quote.