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If you own or work in a commercial workspace, it’s important to know what kind of cleaner to hire for each job. After all, cleaning incorporates a variety of tasks and responsibilities that range in scope and expertise. In this sense, what are the differences between commercial cleaners and janitorial cleaners in Melbourne, for example? What services do they provide, how often should you make use of each one, and which of the two is best for your commercial facilities?

At Orbit Cleaning Services, we provide high quality commercial cleaning services for companies and organisations around Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Today, let’s dive into what’s different between our services and those of janitorial cleaners.

What Do Commercial Cleaners Do?

Commercial cleaners are often third-party companies responsible for going into commercial facilities – which can be anything from government spaces and restaurants to industrial premises and business venues – and provide extensive, deep cleaning services. These are cleaning tasks that require more thorough attention, equipment, and capability than your standard everyday jobs. So, you can rely on commercial cleaners to be highly trained and come equipped to perform tasks such as carpet steaming, tile & grout cleaning, and high-pressure equipment & furniture cleaning amongst many other tasks.

This means that commercial cleaners are better trained to handle larger cleaning jobs and have the capabilities to complete those jobs to a high standard. They can tailor their approach to suit a range of premises, keep a comprehensive checklist on what they have done and how they have done it, and often come with public liability insurance. Commercial cleaners are only required to come into commercial spaces at certain times throughout the year, as their services are designed to keep the company spaces clean for a longer period of time.

What Do Janitorial Cleaners Do?

By contrast, janitorial cleaners are responsible for everyday cleaning tasks within commercial premises. This may be emptying rubbish bins, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping & mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping the windows of fingerprints. They take care of the little jobs so that the premises are always presentable and comfortable for employees and guests to work in, even if their processes aren’t as thorough as commercial cleaners.

Janitorial cleaners are also hired on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. This means that they are constantly around the worksite performing tasks that are allocated to them by the company itself. In fact, janitorial cleaners are usually in-house employees that are hired by the company. This means that the company is responsible for interviewing and onboarding any janitorial cleaners into their services.

Which is Better for You?

The truth is that there are benefits to hiring both commercial and janitorial cleaners to look after your Melbourne commercial premises. Commercial cleaners will carry out a thorough, highly professional job by using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to make your premises as sanitised and healthy as possible. They can take care of the big jobs that require more qualifications and the appropriate equipment to complete, providing you with the peace of mind that your work environment will always be a pleasant one to work in.

Meanwhile, janitorial cleaning services are ideal for keeping your space in a presentable condition throughout the year for any clients or guests who may visit. You will be responsible for the hiring process and compiling their schedule of tasks, but it means that you’ll have the basics cleaned regularly.

Hire Melbourne Commercial Cleaners from Orbit Cleaning

At Orbit Cleaning Services, our commercial cleaners are excited to perform large commercial deep cleaning tasks all around Melbourne. If you would like to request a free quote and begin your Orbit experience, call 1300 660 699 today!

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