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When it comes to selecting cleaning services in Australia, it can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start on your search? What factors should you consider when choosing cleaning sanitation companies? What accreditation should you be looking for? Here we will break down what you should consider before you start your search, and what you should be looking for in cleaning companies in Australia. 

What do I need to determine before searching for a cleaning service in Australia? 

Before you start your search, you should determine what you will actually require from the cleaning company. Each business is different (even within particular industries), so it is best to determine your requirements before you start. 

Some things you might want to consider are: 

  • Do I require a commercial cleaner or a janitorial service? Find out more about the difference here
  • Is my business within a specialised industry, for example, medical or food manufacturing
  • How often will I require a cleaning service? Weekly, monthly, more or less often? 

Once you have determined these factors, this will help you narrow down your search to cleaning services that are appropriate for the job. 

What factors should you consider when approaching a cleaning service? 

Once you have determined any special requirements you might have on your business’s side, you can then commence searching for a cleaning service. There is a range of factors you might consider when narrowing down your list of cleaning sanitation companies to contact. 

  • Do they specialise in cleaning for our industry? – There are a number of industries that require specialised cleaning services in Australia, such as food manufacturers, medical facilities, or gymnasiums. If your business falls into such an industry, it is important to ensure that the companies you are approaching are experienced and specialise in your particular industry. Many of these industries require particular skills and equipment to effectively clean to the standards required, so you want to ensure the cleaning service you select is equipped for this. 
  • Will the company customise the cleaning service for my business? – every business is different, and as such your cleaning service should be customised to your business requirements. If your cleaning service is attempting to fit a rigid process into your business when it doesn’t fit your requirements, this is a sign the company may not be a good fit. 
  • Will they provide me with the information I need? – for many businesses, it is a requirement under different types of accreditation to keep detailed records of when cleaning takes place and what has occurred. For this reason, having access to this data is important. At Orbit Cleaning, we have developed our own custom CMS that allows our clients to access this data in real-time, making record-keeping much more efficient.

What accreditations should my cleaning service have? 

The accreditations that your cleaning service will need will be dependent on your industry, but there are a few accreditations that you should consider as part of your search. Holding these accreditations demonstrate the importance that the company places on the quality of its services. Some of the accreditations might include: 

  • ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System Qualification – this indicates that the cleaning company’s management systems have been approved by an accredited certification body. 
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) accreditation – this shows the company has been approved for the effective control of food safety.

What should we do next? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your shortlist, the next step is to reach out to the client companies, explain what you’re looking for, and organise a meeting. A reputable cleaning company should offer you an obligation-free audit of your place of business in order to best recommend what services would be required. 

Orbit Cleaning Services Australia are Australian commercial cleaners, servicing clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. To enquire about commercial cleaning services for your business, contact Orbit Cleaning Services Australia on 1300 660 699

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