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When September rolls around after hibernating in winter, its time to start thinking about office spring cleaning. Yes, it may seem like a pain to conquer, but office spring cleaning is highly important not only for simply keeping your workplace looking nice and tidy, but also for several important reasons. A clean office will increase productivity, reduce the spread of bacteria and will create a positive work environment for your employees.

At Orbit Cleaning Australia, we specialise in office cleaning and can help you keep your workplace clean every season. Therefore, as cleaning professionals, we have put together an office spring cleaning checklist to help get you started. 

1.    Air Conditioning Filter

Often neglected, keeping your air conditioner clean is highly important, especially in an office where often, aircon is running all day, every day. A clogged aircon filter will reduce the airflow to your filter and make your air conditioning unit work much harder than it needs to, resulting in an increased electricity bill. In addition, a dirty air con filter is dangerous for people with allergies as everything that is stuck in the filter, such as dust and dirt, will get distributed around your office. This means that anyone suffering from allergies will notice a flare up in their system from breathing this in. In an office, this means more people taking sick days, leading to decreased productivity. How can you fix it? Replacing or cleaning your filter system each month will make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

2.    Flip your Fridge

Naturally, the office fridge can be the number one place where bacteria lives with so many different people keeping different foods in there, often for much longer past their use by date. As you can imagine, a dirty fridge will breed germs that can further cause diseases like food poisoning. To maintain a clean fridge in between professional cleans, it is important to make sure the office fridge is cleaned out weekly to avoid foods being left for too long. In addition, remind employees to clean up any spilt foods in the fridge with warm, soapy water to keep the shelves clean. Every few months, get a professional office cleaner to come in and give your fridge a thorough clean, both inside and in the area behind where the fridge sits.

3.    Don’t forget your Bins

Perhaps the most important clean of all, and the most neglected, is cleaning the office wheelie bins. This is especially important if you are a business owner because when it reaches a certain point, a dirty bin can become an OH&S issue. Under certain rules and regulations, businesses are responsible for keeping their bins clean and odourless. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning your bin, it’s important to get the help of a professional cleaner as unapproved cleaning methods that result in polluted waters can incur penalties from the council.

4.    Cleanse your Carpet

Carpet! It’s something that becomes victim to a myriad of dirty shoes multiple times a day, so its inevitable that this surface can always stay clean. Apart from the obvious, keeping your office carpet clean is important firstly because it extend the lift of the carpet. If you’re a business owner, you will naturally want to cut costs, and having to replace old carpet can be a big one. In addition, a clean carpet will improve indoor air quality, which is essential for maintaining health and a positive work environment for your employees. If your office is used by many people every day, carpet should be vacuumed daily to reduce a build up of dirt. However, it is essential to get your office carpet professionally cleaned on a monthly or at least quarterly basis.

Keeping your office clean is important and having an office spring cleaning checklist can help you stay on top of this and keep track of what is clean, and what might need more attention to detail. To book in your next office spring clean, contact Orbit Cleaning Australia today.