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As we begin to move into the colder months, highly contagious illnesses can spread like wildfire, which is why it’s important to up the ante when it comes to disinfecting and sanitising your workplace, especially frequent touchpoints.

Unknown to most, there is actually a difference between disinfectant and sanitiser, with both being equally as important but used for different purposes. At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we offer touchpoint cleaning services to ensure your facility remains clean during high risk times, ensuring the safety of you and your staff. Because we believe education is important during this time, we’ve outlined below the difference between disinfectant and sanitiser so that you know what to use, when.


Sanitisers are agents that destroy 99.999 % of bacteria in 30 seconds, so it’s often used as an effective way to kill germs in a really short amount of time. Usually you will use sanitiser on surfaces that need to be cleaned quickly such as kitchen benches, door handles, light switches, phones, computer keyboards and handrails. In light of this, sanitisation is really just another word for cleaning, removing all visible contamination and debris, lowering the number of germs on a surface. Unlike disinfectant, some types of sanitiser can be used on the skin, such as hand sanitiser and soap.


In basic terms, disinfectant is a strong solution that kills viruses, bacteria and funghi on surfaces within a 10-minute period. If a surface is thoroughly disinfected, it leaves the surface highly unlikely to transmit infection and cause disease. It’s important to remember that disinfectant is only to be used for non-living surfaces as the ingredients in disinfectant can be harmful if applied directly to the skin and may lead to irritation or an allergic reaction. Therefore, some surfaces you might disinfect, rather than just sanitise include hospital surfaces that have come into contact with bodily fluids, toilets or baby change tables.

During times when cleaning needs to be thorough, Orbit Cleaning Australia are here to help with our touchpoint commercial cleaning service. We have special equipment to clean all surfaces, including a portable fog unit that sprays sanitiser mist to target those hard to reach areas.

If you’d like to enquire about our deep cleaning and office cleaning services, please get in touch to request a quote.