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In many offices and commercial spaces, routine cleaning happens on a daily basis due to the amount of foot traffic that comes through the space, how often the kitchen is being used and the amount of time people spend at their desks and chairs. What many people fail to realise, however, is that routine is just as important when the office has been uninhabited, for example, after a holiday period. Orbit Cleaning Services Australia specialise in commercial and office cleaning and can help your business not only with routine cleaning services, but making sure your space is immaculate before your staff return from their break. We’ve listed some of the top reasons as to why it’s important to clean your office after its been empty below.

Health and Safety:

Adhering to Workplace Health and Safety protocol is one of the most vital procedures in any business to ensure staff members risk to injury and illness is minimised. Believe it or not, if you fail to keep your office clean, even when staff are on holidays, dust will begin to build up. Among other dirt, dust can be very harmful to ingest, especially for those with respiratory conditions or allergies. If you’re a business owner or Workplace Health and Safety Officer, it is within your duty of care to make sure that the workplace is safe for staff to return to, so make sure you book in routine cleans during the break, or organise for a thorough spring clean to be done before everyone returns to the workplace.

It’s Cost Effective and Efficient:

Like most things, staying on top of a task in the long run will be more cost effective and efficient than leaving it until the very last minute- and office cleaning is no exception. While it’s an option, leaving your office unkempt for the entire holiday and then booking in a deep clean is not only inefficient, but can be extremely costly. It can even end up more expensive than having regular cleans throughout the break period. In addition, keeping your assets within the office clean ensures their longevity, meaning less need for frequent replacement. Orbit Cleaning Australia can come to your office during the break period and perform routine cleans to make sure your office is spotless upon your staff’s return.

It Breeds Motivation:

After you’ve returned from a holiday, the last thing you want to see is your house left a mess by your house sitter or children – so why would the workplace be any different?

Providing a clean and fresh workplace for your employees to return to is not only essential in terms of workplace health and safety, but it also breeds motivation for the new chapter ahead.

There have been several academic studies showing proof that a clean office leads to an improved mood and therefore, increased productivity and motivation.

Your Brand Image:

While your staff are returning from a holiday, this means your clients and visitors will too, so it’s important to make sure your office looks immaculate for everyone. In most cases, your office space, particularly the reception, is the first impression clients will have of your business, and needless to say; first impressions count. Therefore, make it a priority to give meeting rooms and reception areas extra attention to cleaning, which might even mean adding some greenery, scented diffusers or some branded décor to help display your company culture. Orbit Cleaning offer a completely customisable cleaning service, where each team member is trained for your particular workspace, so we can focus on areas of your choice to help you achieve your desired result.

Upon your business’ return to the workplace, Orbit Cleaning Services Australia are here to help you prepare to ensure all staff return to the office feeling healthy, happy and motivated. Because we know every space is unique, our Commercial Cleaning Services can be tailored to your office to ensure you’re getting a thorough clean every single time. 

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