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It goes without saying that all offices need to be hygienic to ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors. Although each employee is often assigned to their own desk, many offices these days are highly collaborative, with even more opportunity for germs and bacteria to spread. To ensure the cleanliness of your office, it is important to have in place a solid hygiene policy, which will vary depending on the nature of your office space. At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we offer a tailored cleaning service, creating a cleaning plan to specifically suit your needs and requirements. As commercial cleaning specialists, we have cleaned thousands of workspaces. Therefore, we’ve listed below are some main areas that need attention in any type of office.

Why is Office Hygiene Important?

Office hygiene is important because it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your employees, clients and visitors. Studies show that a healthy workforce is a happy one, with increased positive attitudes leading to higher levels of productivity. Naturally, healthy employees are likely to take less sick leave, reducing significant organisational costs, especially for smaller businesses.

Staff Hygiene Policy

How to Maintain Office Hygiene

Implement an Office Hygiene Policy

To ensure your employees understand the value of good hygiene, supply them with a written hygiene policy. Include some facts as to why hygiene is important, what your expectations are and what they can do to help. This will let staff know that this is something your business values, and they should too.

Keep Bathrooms Clean

Bathrooms are no doubt a breeding ground for germs, therefore it is important that office bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly and often. This not only includes cleaning all bathroom facilities, but ensuring that toilet paper, soap and hand towels are plentiful so that your employees are provided with what they need. At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we replenish up your bathroom facilities upon each clean with plenty of stock to last until our next visit.

Provide Sanitisation Products

If you expect your staff to maintain your cleanliness standards, you must provide them with the tools to do so. This includes having hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, tissues and other products readily available for use. After all, employees are more likely to use these if they’re readily available and easy to access.

Regular Cleaning

Ensure that your workplace is regularly cleaned! Regular office cleaning prevents the build-up of dust, dirt and germs and maintains the longevity of your furniture and other office items. In addition, an office that’s always clean will give a good first impression and boost morale among your employees. If you’re struggling to keep on top of regular cleaning or want to make your scheduled cleans more frequent, Orbit Cleaning Australia can visit your premises on a daily basis.

What is Basic Office Hygiene?

Personal hygiene, work area cleanliness, clean restroom facilities and a clean kitchen all contribute to basic office hygiene. Does your office have all of these?

The Importance of Personal Hygiene in the Office

Personal hygiene includes the cleanliness, habits and appearance of your employees. Of course, this can sometimes be a sensitive topic for business owners to address, with many worrying that they will offend staff members. As mentioned previously, having a clear hygiene policy will help avoid awkwardness and reduce the need for personal confrontation. Some important criteria to include in the personal hygiene policy might be showering, use of deodorant and perfume, hair grooming and hair washing, washing hands and using hand sanitiser when necessary.

Why is it important to keep desks clean?

Your office hygiene policy should also include points as to how each employee can keep their own workspace clean. Some guidelines might include wiping down surfaces with a disinfectant wipe at the end of each day, which will drastically reduce the spread of germs. It’s also important to encourage employees to keep their workstations free of clutter to contribute to maintain a consistent professional aesthetic.

Office Kitchen Hygiene

As a shared environment where food is prepared, the kitchen is perhaps one of the most important places to keep clean. This includes cleaning cooking equipment, utensils, plates and cups to ensure no germs are spread between employees. It is vital that business owners include a kitchen cleaning section in their office hygiene policy to ensure standards are upheld and employees understand the procedures that need to be followed. 

Orbit Cleaning Services Australia specialise in commercial cleaning, including office cleaning. We tailor our cleaning solutions specifically to your space and can work around your schedule to avoid interruption to your day. To enquire about booking an office clean, contact us on 1300 660 699.