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Office spring cleaning. Its something we all know we have to do, but often have no idea where to start. Just as spring cleaning is important in your home, its also a vital ritual to carry out in your office, with a fresh, clean space improving work performance and mindset among employees. While it may seem like a mammoth task, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be intimidating and can instead be broken into small tasks and conquered by taking a team effort approach. Below, we share our top tips for office spring cleaning so that you can transform your workplace to prepare for summer.

Create a schedule

All good office spring cleans start with a schedule! Before you conduct your office cleaning, create a schedule of all the areas that need to be cleaned, what needs to be cleaned in these areas and who will be responsible for cleaning. This way, the tasks will seem more manageable and it gives each person in your team a responsibility. You can simply create your own schedule, find an easy to follow template online or, better yet, employ a professional cleaning team to create one for you.


Once you’ve created your office spring cleaning schedule, its time to start decluttering each space. First and foremost, decluttering helps you stay organised, but it also has significant psychological influences. If you work in clutter, it signals to your brain that work isn’t done, and studies have shown that a disorganised office can add to your stress level. So, set aside some time to clean out your drawers, remove any unneeded papers from your desktop, empty your bin and throw out any stationary that no longer works.

Start Office Spring Cleaning!

Once you’ve decluttered your workstation, it’s time to start thinking about giving everything a good scrub and disinfect. Naturally, due to use, surfaces like desks, chairs, shelves, windows and walls house a lot of invisible dust and bacteria, which can lead to a spread of germs among employees. Of course, lots of sick employees leads to a decrease in productivity, so it’s important to regularly disinfect surfaces to maintain a germ-free office. Our tip for staying on top of this is to supply each staff member with disinfectant wipes so that they can sanitise their own area and then get a professional commercial cleaner in on a quarterly basis to perform an in depth clean.   

Get help from a professional cleaner

Once you’ve cleaned as much as you can, it’s always a good idea to call in help from office spring cleaning professionals. Just like any other industry, a professional cleaner will be able to get the job done properly and guarantee the cleanliness of your office space. A professional cleaner will also be able to create a customised cleaning plan for your office space and pick up on areas that need cleaning that the untrained eye cannot see. During the clean, professionals will also use special products and tools that allow them to perform a more thorough clean and reach areas that can’t be cleaned with regular cleaning materials. At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we specialise in taking a tailored approach to our client’s offices.