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When it comes to choosing a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne, it can be difficult as there is so many commercial cleaning companies to choose from. However, when you narrow it down, there are very few that you can trust will treat your facility like their own and apply unmatched attention to detail.  At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we specialise in commercial cleaning and have years of experience working with longstanding Melbourne clients. So, to help you decide, we have put together a list of what to consider before choosing a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne, detailing important factors such as qualification, customisation and locality.

they specialise in commercial cleaning?

With so many cleaning companies out there, a really simple way to narrow down your choice is to see if they specialise in commercial cleaning. During a search, you may come across some cleaning companies who say they offer commercial cleaning, but their speciality might actually be domestic cleaning. There is a big difference between a company that specialises in a service rather than a company who simply offers the service as part of their service scope. Choosing a company who specialises in commercial cleaning will ensure that you’re working with a team who knows commercial places like the back of their hand. This way, the cleaners can provide insights and look for areas of focus based on their specialised experience in other commercial spaces.

they customise the service to your building?

Another important thing to look for during your search is if the company
offer a customised service. Anyone who owns a business knows that a cookie
cutter, or “one size fits all’’ approach never works; you need to be able to
customise your service for your client in order to achieve an optimal result. At
Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we train a team of cleaners and write a
cleaning plan specifically for your space. This way, you’ll never have a
cleaner working in your facility who isn’t familiar with the cleaning plan and hasn’t
been trained how to clean your space.

they qualified?

Qualifications are perhaps the most important thing to look at when choosing a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne. A good cleaning company should have had their processes assessed by a higher body such as dlcs international to ensure that their practices are safe. At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we have an ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System Qualification, meaning that our management systems have been approved by the dlcs. In addition, we have a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification, which means we have been approved for the effective control of food safety. A commercial cleaning company that has no qualifications should be a red flag and is a really easy way to separate the reputable cleaning companies from the not-so reputable.

they flexible and transparent?

Another important point to look for is how flexible the company is. In
our eyes, a flexible cleaning company is a good cleaning company because it shows
they care for your business and aren’t just there to deliver a standard service.
In addition, you want to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone if
any changes happen in your business. Therefore, choose a company who is going
to be available to chat and help you navigate the changes in your business and
align them with a new cleaning schedule.

they local?

Finally, its best to choose a commercial cleaning company that operates locally, purely for your convenience. Choosing a local commercial cleaning company means they’ll be easier to contact, more accessible for emergency cleans and they’ll know the area better. Orbit Cleaning Services Australia are Melbourne based commercial cleaners, servicing clients all over the city.

To enquire about commercial cleaning for your business, contact Orbit Cleaning Services Australia today on 1300 660 699.