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If you work in a commercial kitchen, then you’ll know how important it is to book in regular commercial kitchen cleaning, especially when there is workplace health and safety inspections. We understand that sometimes, this can be difficult to keep up with while running a high functioning facility, which is why we have put together a simple checklist of 5 considerations for commercial kitchen cleaning.

your Equipment Serviced

Having your equipment regularly serviced is perhaps one of the most
important parts of keeping your commercial kitchen functioning. If some of your
machinery stops working, it can have a significant impact on the day to day
running of your business, so you need to be able to feel confident that your
machinery won’t break down. In addition, servicing your machinery will improve its
longevity. Similar to your car, you should book your equipment in for a service
every 6 months and make sure the servicing team performs a thorough check of every
piece of equipment.  

in Regular Spring Cleans

Like you would your own home, you should book in a spring clean for your commercial kitchen to ensure that your facility is clean and ready for the busy summer season. A spring clean usually includes a cleaning team doing a once, or twice over of your entire facility including the walls, shelves, sides of the equipment and more. A good rule to follow is that if it has wheels, it should move, so, pull each piece of equipment out from the wall and check its movability. This will also allow you to get behind the usually unreachable areas and give these zones a good clean.

a Tailored Cleaning Plan

Perhaps one of the best tips for commercial kitchen cleaning is to choose your cleaning team wisely and work with a company that will take the time to create a tailored cleaning plan for your facility. A good commercial cleaning company will work with their clients closely to ensure they get a cleaning schedule that suits the needs of their facility. For example, your tailored cleaning schedule could include:

  • Regular
    cleaning and sanitising
  • Having
    a dedicated cleaning professional on site always
  • Scheduled
  • Emergency
  • Specific
    areas of attention

the Right Products and Equipment

If you’re paying for a commercial kitchen cleaning team to work on your facility, it’s important that you’re aware of the machinery and products they’re using so that you know you’re paying for a quality service. For large commercial kitchens, regular cleaning and sanitisation of equipment will not suffice – otherwise you would be able to do the job yourself! Good commercial kitchen cleaners will use specialised commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals that are especially designed for the task at hand. You should also make sure that your cleaners perform regular swab and APT testing across the surfaces in your facility. This will confirm that all surfaces are completely sanitary and that they have done their job correctly.

for Certifications

When you’re choosing a cleaning company to work on your facility, you should check to see if they have been professionally trained and have the right certifications. A good commercial cleaning company will rigorously train their employees for each location they clean, so you’ll never have cleaners showing up who are unfamiliar with your facility. In addition, your cleaning team should be fully certified with the ISO9001:2015 certification and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification to ensure they meet the standards necessary in the food industry.

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