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Orbit Cleaning Provide Melbourne Office Kitchen Cleaning Services

In an age where creative and shared workplaces are increasingly being rolled out to improve workplace happiness and efficiency, why aren’t we looking at some of the simpler ways to improve office life for our employees? Read on as we detail why unhygienic offices pose a risk to your workforce efficiency and happiness, with a particular emphasis on workplace kitchens. We’ll also discuss what you should look for in a commercial office cleaner, especially for larger workplaces with kitchens.

Risks of unhygienic office kitchens:

Unhygienic office kitchens can contribute not just to employee sick days, but poor employee performance in general. Just like the recent upsurge of creative workplaces has resulted in increased productivity, we argue that a consistently hygienic office space has a noticeable effect on employee performance. Not only do humans feel better in less cluttered environments, large sample studies suggest that they thrive in them. Employers should strive to make employees feel satisfied and comfortable in the workplace if they want greater efficiency and staff retention rates.

Communal office kitchens pose some of the greatest risks for contamination and hazard, owing to their extensive use and risks posed by bacteria brought in from home. Taps, microwaves and fridge doors prove to be some of the dirtiest surfaces in offices, both for traditional and share space office environments. To add further problems, humans living in dirtier environments feel less inclined to clean up after themselves, leading to a cultural  cycle of uncleanliness.

There are, of course, preventative ways to stop the spread of bacteria around the office. These include the regular cleaning of air vents and air-conditioning filters and greater use of hand sanitizer around the office. Encouraging your staff to regularly clean their hands by keeping a wide range of hand sanitizer pumps replenished and putting up signs where necessary is a great start. This isn’t failsafe, however; no matter how much you might like to think your office’s employees are hygienic, some people are accustomed to less cleanly standards than the rest of us. In larger companies, it becomes inevitable that your office kitchen is going to get dirty, no matter how much you remind your staff to clean up after themselves.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

What to look for in a Melbourne commercial office cleaning company:

A good commercial office cleaning team will not only clean current bacteria, but employ methods designed to prevent future outbreaks. Before we begin cleaning your office, we’ll conduct an initial audit to determine the areas requiring the most attention and make recommendations if necessary to prevent dirt, grime and bacteria build-ups throughout your office. From there, we develop a personalised checklist, employ designated staff trained for your facilities, and use an online reporting system with detailed notes and photos on each cleaning visit.

It may be beneficial to look for a cleaning company that does swab testing if your office is particularly prone to bacteria outbreaks. As we’re experienced in medical facility and commercial kitchen cleaning, we’re experienced with swab testing and implementing approaches to minimise bacteria build-up in high traffic areas. With our increased reliance on phones and other technology, things like mouses and phones can often be made safer through frequent cleaning and greater access to hand sanitiaer in your office.

Our approach to kitchens:

As mentioned, kitchens pose a particular bacteria outbreak hazard in commercial offices. Unlike other commercial office cleaning companies in Melbourne, we don’t treat your kitchen like any other room. As Codex Alimentarius / HACCP certified cleaners, we are trained for specialised food manufacturing and commercial kitchen cleaning. We use chemicals and cleaning procedures designed to minimise the chance of cross-contamination as much as possible. Your office’s kitchen area needs to be treated differently to any other room. It needs to be thoroughly assessed and cleaned to a higher standard – a standard fit for preparation of food for human consumption.

Orbit Cleaning are experts in food industry cleaning. For more information about our office kitchen cleaning services or to request a quote, please get in touch with Orbit Cleaning Services today.