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Cleaning a medical facility, no matter how well trained or experienced you are can sometimes be daunting. There are a lot of unique challenges that come with medical facility cleaning that only the best cleaning companies can address. Therefore, it’s important to hire cleaners who are qualified and have special experience working in medical facilities. At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we specialise in medical cleaning and provide specialised cleaning services for Melbourne doctors, dentists, hospitals, retirement villages, health clinics and more.

Workplace Protocol:

Cleaning a medical facility is very different to cleaning an office, school or other workplace. Due to their nature, medical facilities require the best and most thorough cleaning to ensure they are safe and sterile. Most medical facilities will have strict protocols and standards that each facility is expected to comply with, so cleaning companies must be well versed with these guidelines so that everything can be cleaned accordingly.

Orbit Cleaning has years of experience cleaning medical facilities and will work with you to ensure any certification or inspection requirements are met.

Insufficient Cleaning:

In most workplaces, a simple wipe over key surfaces, removing rubbish and other dirty items is enough to ensure the area is safe and healthy for staff and clients. However, this approach is not suitable for a medical facility where germs and dirt can be an extreme danger to both patients and staff. This is because patients in hospital are not in their healthiest condition, where they have compromised immune systems that increase their chances of getting an infection. Therefore, it’s important for your medical facility to work with a cleaning company who understands the serious implications of mediocre cleaning.

At Orbit Cleaning, we understand the risks that medical staff and patients face every day and have the specialist knowledge and experience to prevent these risks.

Health and Safety:

As we know, hospitals and medical facilities are full of sick people carrying germs and infection that can be easily transmitted to others. These are called microorganisms, which are invisible and can settle on every single surface in your facility. The most important points, however, are handrails, doorknobs or any surfaces that are constantly touched.

In our medical cleaning service, Orbit can pay special attention to these touch points to ensure they stay as clean as possible to avoid infection transmission. This is especially important because while the health and safety of patients is protected, this is not the case for visitors and cleaning staff. As a result, cleaning staff should protect themselves by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as latex gloves, a mask, goggles and a hairnet.

Medical Facility Cleaners

Patient Privacy:

When cleaning non-medical facilities, the cleaners will often close off certain sections or perform the clean after hours to minimise interruptions to the working day. In a 24hr medical facility, however, this cannot be done as it disrupts the delivery of care and invades the patient’s privacy.

Patient privacy is perhaps one of the most important elements in any health care setting because only authorised health care professionals can interact with patients. Although cleaners don’t necessarily interact with patients, they are entering the patient’s room to perform their cleaning duties, causing what many patients would see as an invasion of privacy.

Another issue that arises from this is data theft as cleaning requires moving equipment. While rare, incidents can happen and a cleaner can obtain patients data in several ways, which is why medical facilities are strict about who enters their workplace.

Our commercial cleaners are all certified professional cleaners who have been background checked and are versed on our company values, so you can trust us to clean your facility.