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While hygiene in the office is something we are reminded to do regularly, it’s important to include your IT products in this list such as your mouse, keyboard, monitor, phones and printers. In an office environment, because there are so many IT related items, it’s not often that we think about cleaning them on a regular basis. How many people do you think are pressing the same button on the photocopier, picking up the same phone or sharing a mouse?

At Orbit Cleaning Services Australia, we provide a thorough touchpoint cleaning service specifically designed to remove germs in frequently touched areas. As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, we’re sharing some tips for cleaning your office IT equipment.

Why is IT Hygiene Important?

IT hygiene is important because of how frequently it is touched and shared between others. When staff members are sharing computers, they are transferring germs between each other which puts them at risk of contracting colds, flus and bugs. Essentially, the more people that share the IT equipment in your office, the more chance there is for germs to spread.

It’s important for your staff to stay healthy, particularly during flu season as it decreases the amount of sick leave they have to take, allowing your team to be more productive.

Orbit Cleaning specialises in touchpoint cleaning, using special products to sanitise and disinfect your IT equipment and taking extra care around power points. Our team is thoroughly trained in our processes to ensure you achieve a great cleaning result every single time.   

Office Equipment Cleaning

Increasing the Lifespan of your Equipment

Not only does maintaining good IT hygiene decrease the changes of germs spreading and making your staff sick, it also increases the lifespan of your equipment. This is because a build up of dust and dirt on and in your equipment can interfere with the inner-workings of your computer and cause it to overheat, damage circuit boards or clog USB ports.

If this is an issue in your office, Orbit Cleaning can focus specifically on careful dust removal cleaning to ensure your computer is free from harmful dust. In addition, keeping your equipment clean will help save you money on maintence and frequent replacement.

Discovering Damage

While cleaning in itself is important, it can also be a useful way to discover if your equipment is damaged and needs repairing. Working in a busy office, it’s understandable that some equipment can go months or years without being properly cleaned. However, some damage cannot be discovered until you have someone come in and clean your equipment.

More time for Employees to be Productive

When you have a regular office cleaning schedule for your IT equipment, it allows your staff to focus on their tasks and be more productive throughout the day. When your IT equipment is clean and monitored, your employee’s work won’t get delayed by malfunctions, which can sometimes interrupt hours of their working day. When your employees get more work done, it contributes to your business’s success and allows you to grow!

Orbit cleaning Services Australia specialise in commercial cleaning, including touchpoint cleaning for IT equipment. If your office IT equipment needs cleaning, contact Orbit Cleaning on 1300 660 699.